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TS-Talent 1.15 is out


We are pleased to keep TS-Talent regularly updated. In this new release, you’ll find the following updates:

New Features (yup, just for you!)

  • Added labels to assigned job offerts, allowing to view the number of profiles in a certain status in a glance.
  • Updated the PDF documentation for the Report Generator, which is now available for download directly.
  • Ability to specify if an email template can be used in mass mailing.
  • You can now assign a recruiter to a job posting. When a candidate applies to the posting and if this candidate is not managed by a recruiter, then this recruiter will be assigned.
  • Some notifications (including the one of automatically assigning a recruiter to a candidate — see previous note) are now displayed on the interface’s top bar.
  • Support button now available in the top menu (optional – license required).
  • HR interview questions are now more flexible to set up. Contact us and we’ll assist you in setting them up.
  • A shortcut button (“…”) is now available on the right of candidates applying to jobs. This feature allows you to 1) open a candidate’s detail page in another tab, 2) display extra information in the right column, 3) send a message, 4) preview attachments and 5) display the last rejection reason.
  • Added a clipboard feature on most candidate lists. You can now execute actions on the contents of the clipboard.
  • Mass mailing feature is now available in the clipboard section.
  • In the job offering section, you can not change job statuses in a batch.
  • Advanced search: ability to search on job applications.
  • Added a permission (through the Roles section) to show / hide financial information about a candidate.
  • Added the notion of a “private job offer”, visible only to the creator of the job offer. A new role permission allows people (usually super-admins) to see all private job offers.
  • Added the ability to generate reports on job offers.

Bug Fixes (we love to squash them!)

  • Fixed the strange behaviour where mass mailing could be sent before the final Submit button click.
  • Fixed problem of overlapping windows when duplicating job offers.
  • Removed unused task types when adding notes to candidates.
  • In candidate lists, fixed the ways the columns are displayed.