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TS-Talent 1.16 is out


We are pleased to keep TS-Talent regularly updated. In this new release, you’ll find the following updates:

New Features (yup, just for you!)

  • NEW API feature! You can now develop your own REST-like application to integrate your app with TS-Talent to access Candidates and Job postings. Neat!
  • NEW automated notification feature! This “cron-like” feature automates tasks to run at specific times. While this does require a TS-Talent developer to configure it (no interface yet), you will have the ability to have a weekly summary, for example, sent to administrators’ inbox.
  • NEW clipboard feature allowing you to change multiple candidates’ step in only a few mouse clicks.
  • NEW ability to suggest an email to the recruiter after a candidate’s step is change. So for example, if you change steps from 1 to 2, you can display an email template to the recruiter to send an email (or not, if canceled) to the candidate. This feature is enabled under Administration -> Customize -> Steps, then selecting “Propose email when changing candidate to this step”.
  • NEW Improved the steps layout in the candidate listing screen. You can now hide some steps from the left-side list by selecting the (X) icon. You can re-display these steps by clicking “Show all” option in the filter menu above.
  • NEW Ability to customize interview questions.
  • Added the ability to create a job offer template, allowing an easy starting point for your job offers.
  • Added German language support to email templates.
  • Added ability to attach a document immediately when the candidate is created. Finally!
  • Mass mailing emails can now be configured so that the FROM is the recruiter’s email address. It’s about time!
  • Recruiter’s profile page now fits on its own page.
  • Recruiters can now configure their notification settings on their profile page, per step.
  • Added step name next to step number on the Previous / Next buttons on a candidate’s page.
  • Added spinners in reports to make you know we’re working… Fancy!
  • Added message on candidate’s login page to let IE users know that Chrome or Firefox are recommended browsers.
  • Added ability to forward an email to a custom address.
  • Added ability to send an email to a candidate and to any other email address.
  • Added TS-Talent’s version number to the pages’ footer.
  • Structure file upload directory is now improved to enable more file uploads and increase performance.
  • Improved the layout for the “Create” buttons for Candidates and Job postings.
  • Exceeding disk space now enforced. A warning is displayed on the dashboard page when 80% of the disk space is reached. At 100%, object creation features are limited.
  • Added a new caching mechanism to increase even more the speed of the application (as if it wasn’t fast enough already!)
  • Improved recruiter list display format.
  • Disabled auto-correction for login field.
  • For enhanced security, passwords are now stored using SHA2-256 hash.

Bug Fixes (we love to squash them!)

  • Fixed job duplication feature. We should get it right, this time!
  • Corrected session duration timeout. Once again, we hope we got it right, this time…!
  • Clipboard feature fixed. Actions now apply to all the clipboard content (see known issues).
  • Added missing labels and missing translations.
  • Fixed report on jobs that could generate an error.
  • Translated the area to drop attachments under the candidates’ attachement tab.
  • When a message is resent under a candidate’s page, a confirmation (or error) message is displayed.
  • Improved the layout of the Notification panel.
  • Improved mobile device functionality by removing pop-over messages.
  • And many other minor bug fixes.

Known Issues

  • Clipboard action usually apply to all clipboard content, except mass mailing which only applies to visible objects. You can select “view all” to send to all.
  • Logo branding: transparent images (GIF, PNG) will give poor results. Use images with no transparency (ex: JPG).