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TS-Talent 1.18 is out


We are pleased to keep TS-Talent regularly updated. In this new release, you’ll find the following updates:

New Features (yup, just for you!)

  • Nerd alert: Now full support for MySQLi and PHP 7!
  • Default user avatars now much nicer.
  • Feature now allows recruiters to change their password on first logon or after password change.
  • Shared links are active only if the recruiter that created them is also active.
  • Improved layout for saved searches.
  • “Portal” tab under a candidate’s view allows recruiters to reset a candidate’s password. (Available if you have the license for the candidate portal only)
  • New dashboard widget shows the number of candidates in a certain step split into 0-30 days, 31-60 days and 61+ days, all with drill-down feature. Coooooool.
  • Nerd alert 2: passwords are now “salted” for increased security.
  • Added pre-generated links in the Job Offer page allowing users to keep track of application source when candidates apply. (Candidate portal feature required)
  • If a candidate adds an attachement on the candidate portal, a note is now displayed in the candidate’s history. (Candidate portal feature required)

Bug Fixes (we love to squash them!)

  • Corrected search when searching by multiple attributes at the same time. Search engine was confused…
  • Fixed tabs that did not display correctly according to the recruiter’s rights.
  • Corrected a problem where a candidate could not delete a file in their profile.
  • Corrected some translation issues in Spanish and German.
  • Category name length limited to 20 characters.
  • All complex characters are now accepted as attachment names. Upon download, a cleanup is made to prevent characters not supported by operating systems.
  • Fixed Viadeo icon.
  • And many other minor bug fixes.

Known Issues

  • Clipboard action usually apply to all clipboard content, except mass mailing which only applies to visible objects. You can select “view all” to send to all.
  • Logo branding: transparent images (GIF, PNG) will give poor results. Use images with no transparency (ex: JPG).