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Consumer goods

Manufacturing companies are under increasing pressure to create more and more new products and get them to market faster and faster.

We give our clients the edge in this fierce competition by capitalizing on the latest Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technologies to accelerate and optimize their product development.

Our philosophy regarding this industry:

At Techso, we distinguish three levels of PLM, which we address both independently and as part of an integrated whole:

  • Product level (supply chain management)
  • Inventory level (stock management)
  • Production unit level (manufacturing facility creation)

Each level, while capable of operating autonomously, benefits from integration into a global production management system. By taking a global approach to optimizing PLM per-level, each level can then be integrated to interoperate with the others, thus bringing your operations into Industry 4.0 through a system that facilitates the creation of better products, reducing costs, all while accelerating time to market.

We put at your disposal the best business technology consultants for the technological revolution of Industry 4.0.


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Examples of projects developed for this industry

Use of PLM in the creation of cosmetics, automobiles, aircraft, etc.

Use of PLM to manage the positioning of products on shelves.

Use of PLM for the automation of manufacturing processes and Industry 4.0.

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