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The naval sector has enjoyed a period of dynamic growth in recent years. On the agenda for the coming years are the issues of sustainable development and the consolidation of global strategic leaders.

Complex construction, maintenance, propulsion systems (conventional, hydraulic, nuclear), production of equipment and fittings, renewable marine energy (floating wind turbines, water turbines, and associated infrastructure) – this industry has a diverse and multi-faceted environment for global opportunities.

Civilian boats (passenger ships, fishing boats), commercial freighters and tankers, as well as military vessels (submarines and surface ships) are all included. We accompany the industry’s world leaders in their transition to sustainable resources and energy efficiency.

Our philosophy regarding this industry:

The naval industry is considered a high value-added sector, mainly because its products tend to be produced in small numbers, highly customized, and sometimes unique. The challenges of the naval industry are very different from those of the automotive or aerospace industries.

The growing sophistication of these structures makes them almost like giant puzzles weighing hundreds of thousands of tons, with the requirement to also be safe, economical, energy efficient, and environmentally-friendly, as much for industrial projects as for military.

A new era of digital transformation is making it possible to address such complexity by enabling the collaboration of key players through the use of unified computerized modelling to achieve optimizations for better process management, design modifications, as well as production planning across the whole value chain.

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Examples of projects developed for this industry:

Techso is doing its part to hasten the arrival of Industry 4.0 with the introduction of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE. The solution’s global architecture will allow it to address the issues of this new era. At its foundation is the study of complex data models (product benchmarking) and implementation of the Requirement, Functional, Logical, and Physical (RFLP) systems engineering approach, which is also the prevailing industry and military standard.

To these technological considerations we add associated services, such as the strategic definition and data migration to 3D and 2D models and training on the 3DEXPERIENCE software, including aspects such as hull structure, accommodations, schematics, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, documentation, 3D and Multi-Collaborative Overlay (MCO).

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