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Information and Communications Technology

Our approach to Information and Communications Technology (ITC) is strategic as well as technical to ensure that our clients stay ahead of rapidly evolving technology and information security issues.

Our team of experts is there to support you at every step, at all times.

Our Successes

Techso has a vast clientele, including numerous major players in different domains and geographic areas.

The Techso team is composed of the most qualified technology strategists, business analysts, and ICT experts, working locally and internationally on networking projects, infrastructure, data storage, telecommunications, and IT security.


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An elite team

We rigorously select talent from around the world to bring together the best consultants in the market. Our global team of strategists and technical experts specializing in ICT are defining industry best practices at the international level.

Our knowledge-sharing philosophy

Our “cultivate excellence” credo is predicated on sharing knowledge with the enterprise and with other experts. Whatever your industry, Techso’s specialists in management and strategy can answer your questions about the evolution of your IT systems and communication (VoIP) services and provide guidance for improvements to make these systems more secure and efficient.

Our deep understanding of the challenges of our clientele’s core business activities (banking, consulting, event planning and scheduling) combined with our technical mastery of solutions (Genesys, Cisco, Avaya, Vmware) allows us to objectively recommend the most suitable solution for your needs.

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