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March 2016 Apple Keynote: Techso was there!


Apple Watch Accessories

Spring’s here! Apple chose this particular day to perform its Keynote and launch brand new bracelets for its iWatch. Nothing else to report for this product, except a little price decrease. The Apple Watch is now available for less than $400 (CAD).

A new-born iPhone

Regarding the iPhone, Apple relies on nostalgia by presenting a new modelcalled “SE”, quite similar to the iPhone 5 version in terme of shape (but with many improvements in speed and features). People looking for a device combining the power of the iPhone 6s with the design of the iPhone 5 will probably adopt this new model. Pricing starts at $579 (CAD).

New iPad Pro

An expected and brand new product launched this day is the iPad Pro 9.7″. This new model weights less than 500 grammes and has a new anti-reflecting screen (40%) and is brighter (20%). This leads to an optimal efficiency and convenience for professional use (at the office, on the road, outside). Technically, the tablet marked as “PRO” supports the latest A9X processor and counts 4 speakers, multiplying the sound power by 2.

Thanks to MDM (Mobile Device Management) technologies, this new model turns out to be an interesting alternative to PCs for companies. Cost is $799 (CAD) for the basic model (16go).

Responsible Use of Resources

Apple took the opportunity of this Keynote to reinforce its strong commitment to the environment through its responsible management of used resources in the conception of products. Also, recycling was highlighted via LIAM. LIAM is a robot. Not only he can completely disassemble an iPhone, he can select pieces and convert them into a gift voucher for the final client.


But the most appealing subject of this Keynote is certainly CareKit. It is a Framework dedicated to health. And the beauty of it is that it’s OpenSource. Meaning, it could lead developers to interact more efficiently with Apple’s ecosystem.

This kit would support applications allowing advanced and real time medical follow up. Biometric data would be synthesized and securely transmitted to your general practitioner. Apple pursues its “Health” strategy going further and beyond in the capacity of collecting and transmitting patients’ data. This famous CareKit will be available in April, we’ll take the time to give you further details then and let you know about the possibilities.

Unfortunately, upgrades to current Mac products haven’t been announced during this Keynote. We hope to experience updates or renewals of these products soon, and more specifically on servers. We’ll keep you posted!