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Ten reasons to digitize your talent acquisition’s processes


In an era of digitizing more and more processes, recruitment is no exception.

But a tool for talent acquisition… hum?! What for? Isn’t it even more complicated than spreadsheets?

If you’re still wondering if you should or shouldn’t opt for a job offers and applications management solution, here are some facts to help you jump ahead!

  1. Centralize the information: stop running after precious data and documents. Have access to the essential info in just a few clicks and in a secure way.
  2. Target your candidates: categorize them, tag them, link them to specific jobs or skills. Keep their profile and add their experiences as they progress. Make them employees once the offer is accepted. In short, build a solid data base.
  3. Use the same system for all of your offices: local, national and/or international, each team member can access and collaborate, with a multilingual interface.
  4. Manage your job offers in one single place: from the tool, display your job openings directly on your website or elsewhere. Post only once through several channels and collect all the applications in one place.
  5. Supervise work: give roles and access to each user depending on their profile (manager, recruiter, etc.). That way, a recruiter will have access to all the info and recruitment steps while a technical manager will only have access to the Skills section or Evaluation (when interviewing a candidate).
  6. Improve collaboration between your business’ departments during the entire employee’s lifecycle.
  7. Securely share your candidates’ data, the whole file or only a specific info.
  8. Rapidly spot the best candidates to quickly fill your need thanks to a simple research tool in your system. Don’t waste any more time and beat the competition!
  9. Answer promptly to hiring requests thanks to integrated communication. Send private message or mass emails in a few clicks! Access the history of all your discussions with candidates.
  10. Measure performance: evaluate your team’s KPI. Generate your own reports according to your criteria and conditions and share them (or keep them private).

Business too small? Regardless of your company size, an application tracking system is necessary. Not only it allows you to focus on candidates and not spreadsheets anymore but you’ll save a lot of valuable time. By building a solid data base as you grow, you won’t need to start the hiring process from scratch each time you need a new resource.

How much? Several versions exist, adapted to all budgets. Don’t be afraid to invest, it pays out quickly. Plus, pricing often varies regarding the features chosen: start small with a solution that offers basic features and see if you like it!

How to implement? No worries, most of systems are SaaS (Solution as a Software): all you need is a browser to access your tool… and an Internet connexion.

Not convinced yet?

Here are some pros of our solution TS-Talent:

  • Documents are attached with a partial parsing function. For example: if a phone number is found in the doc linked to a candidate’s file, the phone number will be suggested in the adequate case.
  • On top of that, our tool is fully customizable. By integrating perfectly your unique processes, you can save even more valuable time. Use a solution that looks like you!

Ask for a demo and get a free trial now!

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