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TS-Talent 1.17 is out


We are pleased to keep TS-Talent regularly updated. In this new release, you’ll find the following updates:

New Features (yup, just for you!)

  • Ability, for each role (recruiter, technical manager and manager), to determine how to be notified (see your Profile, Notifications tab for details).
  • Ability to filter listed job offers only for the current recruiter.
  • Ability to access the number of candidates assigned to a job offer by clicking on the “i” in the job sprites.
  • Ability to view and delete all candidate “shared links” through the Administration menu.
  • Graph, graphs, graphs!! Now graphics under Job applications page to display number of applicants per day, per country and per source.
  • Weak passwords are now prohibited from the system for both recruiters and candidates.
  • Positions of interests box is now displayed on the top of the candidate General tab.
  • Added the possibility to specify, for each Role, which processes are accessible.
  • Improved the user interface for managing notifications in the user profile.
  • Changed the “language” column for “State / Country” in the job applications list.
  • Added German translation for job offers. Das ist großartig!
  • Last login time and IP address now displayed under the recruiters’ profile page. Safety first!

Bug Fixes (we love to squash them!)

  • Added missing variables in the email template window.
  • Search menus could be hidden for non-admins. Corrected.
  • Fixed the way some rights are displayed in the Roles page.
  • Fixed a URL to display job templates. Ouch… how that one got through, we don’t know. But it’s now fixed!
  • Fixed weird situation where the Mass Mailing button was not visible in the Clipboard section.
  • Fixed problem where a recruiter account could not be deleted.
  • And many other minor bug fixes.

Known Issues

  • Clipboard action usually apply to all clipboard content, except mass mailing which only applies to visible objects. You can select “view all” to send to all.
  • Logo branding: transparent images (GIF, PNG) will give poor results. Use images with no transparency (ex: JPG).