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Using Simulation as an Accelerator to Innovation


As humanity is considering colonizing Mars, numerical simulation provides a platform to explore possibilities. Thanks to the emergence of plasma motors, what was once only utopian, is now becoming possible.

Numerical simulation already supports the design of launchers, capsules and other exploration modules launched towards the red planet by ensuring that these structures properly handle temperature gradients and vibrations due to atmospheric crossings.

On a closer scale, each satellite launch and each astronaut trip to the international space station uses numerical simulation beforehand.

If numerical simulation helps designing structures to be sent to Mars, imagine for a moment what it can do for engineering.

Already widely used in the industry, especially in aeronautics and in the automotive industry, numerical simulation makes it possible to dematerialize costly test phases in being systematically integrated into design processes.

SIMULIA portfolio from Dassault Systèmes integrates a complete numerical simulation solution aiming at solving various issues:

  • Abaqus provides a platform featuring Abaqus / Standard and Abaqus / Explicit, components using the finite element method (FEA: Finite Element Analysis). This method aims at designing structures optimizing its responses to dynamic vibrations, impact and thermo-mechanical loads. The modeling process goes through the interactions (contacts …) between parts. Abaqus / CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) applies the finite volume method in order to model flows and can be coupled with FEA to model fluid-structure interactions (FSI).
  • Isight allows the user to set up simulation processes combining design (SolidWorks and CATIA), simulation (Abaqus, Patran, Nastran, LS-dyna, Pam-crash, Femap, Ansys …) and analysis (Matlab, Excel, …) solutions.
  • fe-safe provides a sustainability analysis tool based on FEA (strain and stress approaches).
  • Tosca optimizes the design of parts and minimizes their mass.

Are you about to start the production process of your product and you are unsure which process to adopt? Numerical simulation is a powerful decision tool.

Techso will be happy to assist you in the use of these tools.